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Child Birth

By Shailendra Chamoli

A couple must be compatible to each other. They must be committed to each other. A husband and wife is the ideal couple if they have melted in each other. This melting is the real essence of marriage.

To have a whiz-kid, the couple must consult an astrologer about the exact time they should copulate. The best time to have intercourse is any time after the midnight and before than 2 am. Suppose an astrologer has given you the exact of intercourse is 12.30 am, you may begin your foreplay at 1200 midnight to ensure that semen is inserted in the vagina at 12.30 am.

The wife's period time has to be kept in mind by the astrologer. The copulation has to be in those days when the conception is possible most. If you want male child, there should be a gap of three days. In any case the sex should be had only after seven days the period stops.

The sex should not be done on Amavasya, Krishna Ashtami, Puranmashi, Holi, Diwali, birthdays of both the spouses and marriage-anniversay. The other days when sex should be strictly avoided are Shradh days which usually come in the month of September and followed by nind-day Navratras.

If on these days, you have intercourse, your child be abnormal, may be spastic or autistic. The 'nadi dosha' if exists among the couple, they will not get sexual satisfaction and children would be abnormal or mentally retarded. Before marriage if you consult an astrologer, ensure that there should not be any 'nadi-dosha'.

After the conception is confirmed, now begins the foundation of your child with a long life. The nine-month pregnancy lays the foundation of the 90-year age of your child. Your child could be as glorious as Lord Jesus or Lord Krishna. How a pregnant wife spends her every hour every day and what's her mental makeup and how well she is looked after health-wise, emotionally and physically within spiritual environment free from any materialistic influence without any alcohol and non-vegetarian food.

Girl Child: Nadi doshas and Pitra dhoshas are responsible for your getting girl child. You can consult me before conception, astrology can help you a lot of having a child of choice, girl or boy. If your first child is a girl, you must consult me whether other children would be boys or girls. Divine remedies and precaution do help you in making your family balanced.