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About going abroad

By Shailendra Chamoli

Almost everybody has a dream to go abroad. But all of them don't go there. Only those go abroad whose birth chart predicts so. Whose ascendants are Cancer, Sagittarian, Leo or Pisces have common keen desire to go abroad. And most of them too succeed. We can predict which country one is destined for by examining his or her birth chart.

Astrology gives answer to the following questions:

  • Whether a person will go abroad to settle or to come back
  • Whether you will get Green Card or not
  • Whether a person goes abroad only for travel purposes and not for settling there
  • Whether your tour abroad would be successful or not
  • Whether luck will smile on those only when they visit abroad
  • Whether spouse's destiny will take the another person to settle abroad
  • Whether a person's destined death abroad takes him there
  • You can have answers to these questions and take preventive steps when you consult an expert astrologer.

Astrology is God-willed; it's neither bunkum nor superstition. It is a universal science. It's applicable to every living being but we can converse with humans only and not with animals. You must have faith in it.

When a child is born, it is born with his or her destiny which is written by the Supreme God. What he or she will do in life (what profession he or she will go in for) or when he or she will have the last breath and where. Everything is destined. Nobody can change it. In fact, we are living our karmas. That's why Astrology appeals you to improve your karmas to win God's grace. Never do wrong to anybody or even think so. We believe in sadachar (pure living).