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By Shailendra Chamoli

It is said health is wealth. But our experience says that health is life. Without a good health, you cannot enjoy your life despite having all richness and luxuries. The first blessing if has to be sought from God is a good health.

Your horoscope is just like an X-ray. It reveals your state of health in your childhood, youth or in the old day. The sixth, eighth and twelfth houses' lords should the ill-health effect and the nature of illness. If your shani (Saturn) is effected, a person has a tendency of smoking, drinking. If shani is with Ketu and Rahu, the person may consume drugs. If shani is with Mangal (Mars), he or she would chew tobacco, a common addiction in India.

If you Sun is malefic with Ketu or Rahu, you may be prone to heart ailments. Malefic Venus results in diabetes. Debilitated Jupiter can cause jaundice. Some of the diseases are inherited which can be detected from your birth chart.

You must understand the basic philosophy of Hinduism. You're a bundle of your Karmas, in this life and in your past life or in your previous lives. You get a beautiful body, good wife, good parents and good friends depending on your past karmas. Instead of blaming any body or even God for your misfortune or diseases, take it as if you're living your karmas in this life, unburdening your karmic load. Sufferings, if any, you have must be understood in this light. Let's not be blamer and accept the full responsibility of what's happening to us.

The various planets have benefic or malefic influence on our body parts. For example, Sun controls our bones, heart and bone marrow. Mars controls our blood, muscles and arteries.

Apart from treating your illness, Vedic astrology suggests remedial measures to reduce the malefic effects of planets. In every religion, donation has been given a pious status. Helping the poor and the needy as well as uplifting the downtrodden is the best karmas you can do to alleviate your sufferings.