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Money Problems

By Shailendra Chamoli

The marital disputes arise out of two reasons: sexual dysfunction and money constraints.

The couple should take care of their health so that they are in fighting fit condition sexually and try to limit their expenses according to their income. Never ever try to show off. Never ever take any loan which you cannot repay, otherwise you will be doomed.

Lack of money is the single most reason for family disputes. Daughter-in-law's family is expected to meet their demand which is uncalled for. Without interest loans could be taken from friends and relatives with a topmost priority to return it back at regular intervals without any break.

We read in papers that all the members of a family end their lives under a suicide pact because either they are too poor to live or have taken loan which they cannot repay or were under huge debt.

Your planetary position and pitra doshas (ancestors' curse) are responsible for such a state of affairs. Before taking loan, you must consult me whether it would be worthwhile or it would harm you. If you're too poor to manage family affairs, I can guide you. For example, you are doing job while your planets suggest that you should be doing business and vice versa.

Due to bad influence of Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Saturn in addition to Mercury, a person could be too poor or too rich. Pitra doshas (ancestors' curse) are caused by your dead family members who do not get a resting place in heaven and have been in prĂȘt yoni (ghostly life). Pitra doshas will let you down from time to time and you will not be able to achieve anything despite your best efforts. In worse cases, the Pitra doshas can even cause death in the family of a particular member.

Badd-dua (curse) of your departed ancestors also keep you poor by shutting all inlets for money flow. The only remedy for Pitra dosha is rituals.