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Pitra Dosh (Ancestor's Course)

By Shailendra Chamoli

When a Jatak/Person try his best to achieve success in his life but often gets sea-saw results in his life, then the factor of Pitra Dosh has to be checked in his Natal birth chart.

From the horoscope of a person, by checking his 2nd, 8th, 5th, 9th, & 10th house, if they are maledicted you can explain the nature of Pitra Dosha. It is just like playing snake & ladder game and mostly the 99 No. square's snake bites and your dice comes to it's tail in No.3 square and once again you are trying hard to achieve square 100 to complete the game.

Not only the Pitra Dosha, I can tell you some thing near about what your ancestors (Pitra) have done in their life. Basically we are linked to forefathers and upcoming generations as in a metallic ring chain. You are the one of the visible ring of this chain and the other is your child. This factor is in males in general and less common in females, Because of the Pitra Dosha a person gets only girl child, the Pitras filter the 'Y' chromosomes in net result. If the Pitra Dosha is intensively severed then the parents become childless couples. Girls having this Dosha may suffer hard life until they get married, in some cases I have seen even the girl looking after her parents and don't get married.

After all one of the three factors of a person's luck depends on Pitra Dosha. If your ancestor's have kept some property, money or some valuables for you, then you may have not waste life to gain this, and you can progress further to achieve higher status in your life, like the successful peoples in the society.

I can explain you the remedies for it, so that you can progress and achieve the goal and live a pleasant life.