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Vastu Shastra

By Shailendra Chamoli

People's interest in Vastu is growing phenomenally. Most of the new construction of houses, flats and commercial buildings is being constructed on Vastu principals.

Most of the property dealers, construction companies have now started employing those who are expert in Vastu and they guide the buyers which property will suit them. However, flats in multi-storeyed buildings face almost all the directions. However, it may not suit everybody because everybody has his or her own suitable direction depending on the zodiac sign.

Now, questions arises that how these directions would be useful to the buyers when Vastu says that to be prosperous, the house, flat or the commercial establishment must face North or East which are places of Lord Kuber and the God.

West and South directions are for luxury. West direction suits to Librans, Aquarians and Gemini, while South direction is good for Taurus, Scorpions and Capricorns.

Toilets should never be in East or North directions which cause illness in the family and the money outflows rather than getting accumulated. Toilets should never be around the entrance of the house which is a big Vastu dosha.

The master bed room should be in the South-West direction. The head of the family must sleep in the master bedroom so that he may have full control on all family members and keep the family united.

Unmarried girls should sleep in bedroom in the West so that they can get married at the earliest as this direction is ruled by the planet Venus which is known for love and marriage.

In 3 BHK flats, the bedrooms must be in the South-West, West and North directions. In 4 BHK the East direction bedroom should be used for study or dining. Living room in all the houses must be in the Centre. But if the drawing room is just near the entrance, it is not bad at all.

The houses should be either in rectangular or in square shape. The houses in squared shape plots are known as the best as no direction is elongated; all the directions are equal and balanced. Such a house is quite perfect to live in.

Those who afflicted with Shani and Rahu should not live in rectangular shaped houses. If they live in rectangular houses, their progress would be slow.

Water tank, which are normally on the roof top, should always be in the North direction. Electricity metres and inverters should be in the East or North-East directions.

Kitchen particularly should be in East or South-East. A housewife remains free from any ailment. If the kitchen is elsewhere expenses in the family will go up and food will go waste and the housewife may suffer from some illness.

Now you have this information, but still you need to consult a Vastu expert because you may go wrong in your judgement. You're not expert in Vastu or in Astrology. Only an Astrologer-Vastu expert can guide you properly so that you live in harmony with the nature. Vastu is a science. It is now being accepted by the people abroad. It's not a superstition at all. Try it and feel its benefits.

Only an astrologer-vastu expert must be consulted to go for in remedial measures; otherwise you may have frustrating results.

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