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By Shailendra Chamoli

Education is a fundamental right, nobody should be denied. Parents, who are educating their children even to the level of higher education, are the real nationalists and patriotic. They are producing better and responsible citizens of the country.

The way an expert can find out whether a chick (coming out of an incubator) is cock and hen by touching its head, we also tell you how your son or daughter is going to shine in which educational field or not.

Before you admit your child to KG or nursery, consult a good astrologer. A child's mental level, its health and attitude to grasp things could be studied and even better known through his or her horoscope. Your child's birth chart depicts his or her hereditary traits. It means whether your child has inherited fatherly or motherly traits.

Disturbed parents will have disturbed children. Those who have second marriage or whose love marriage is not successful fall in the category of 'disturbed parents'. Such parents need an astrologer's guidance to plan the nurture the career of their children.

By studying your child's horoscope, we can predict whether your child will be a doctor, engineer, IT expert or will be a Manager in HR, Marketing or Hotel Management. Parents normally force their children to adopt family business or profession and ultimately their children foray into different lines. It's better to give freedom to your children to choose their career with several possible options after consulting an astrologer on regular basis.

Some children don't have a caliber for higher studies, it would be better if they are trained in technical disciplines after 10+2. Some children are not able to study due to their astrologically bad time. We can guide you and your child about how to study and when to study according to astrological or vaastu remedial measures.

If your child's Mercury is disturbed, he or she would be weak in Mathematics and he or she would suffer from lack of concentration. Similarly, if your child's Mars is disturbed, he would be weak in Chemistry, and so on. If his shani (Saturn) is good, his English would be excellent. Astrologically we can devise plan how to overcome such difficulties.