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A good astrologer is not only a friend indeed, but also a guide, philosopher and mentor

Initiated into astrology in 1992 by his Guru Ved Prakash Sharma, 1958 born old Shailender Chamoli has had a wide experience of studying Vedic Astrology for more than 10,000 hours and assessing over 5,000 horoscopes. Over 500 families are on regular consultancy roll. He has been an active participant in Astrological conferences and exhibitions. Currently he is available on Sadhna TV Chanel every Saturday by 1pm to 1.30pm.

While studying your horoscope, Mr Chamoli treats planets not as objects but as living beings that can either help or harm you. His remedial measures empower the weak stars and prepare shield from harmful ones. The good days and bad days don't last longer and he guides you how to make hay while sun shines or how to tackle bad days. Apart from being a good astrologer, Mr Chamoli is a good graphic designer and painter.

He follows the 2,000-year old Varahmira principles of astrology and predictions.

In case of doubt about the parentage of a child, there's no need for DNA test, he can predict the illegitimacy of the child by studying the stars. He can predict whether a girl is prone to elopement or having friendship with wayward boys. In certain cases a mangalik boy or girl can marry a non-mangalik match, he says.

Childless couples need not fall in the trap of Tantrics, they can get the child by astrological remedies, says Mr Chamoli, who can predict for certain if your husband or father is having extra-marital affairs or your would be son-in-law is of bad character.

In office if your boss is troubling you, astrological remedies can help apart from attitudinal changes Mr Chamoli inculcates. Planets do not trouble much to God-fearing or vegetarian people, he says.

Families facing continuous troubles or irritations may suffer from Pitra doshas which can be remedied for a better future. If you're in speculative business, he can tell you the best time to make money and warn you of risky days.

Court cases snatch your mental peace. Remedies are suggested in tandem with your grah-chall. He is quite expert in predicting the impact of Shani's mahadasha and sadesatti. Mr Chamoli, who has gained distinction as a Vaastu expert, can guide you in a better way as compared to others. He studies your grah-chall in tandem with Vaastu doshas or your house or commercial establishment and suggests remedies. Many people have benefited from his expertise; it's your turn now.

Consult for-Love/arranged marriages, Career, Promotion, Business, Crisis, Property, Mangalik & Shani Dosha, Pitra Dosha, & any other.

Vedic Astrologer Shailender Chamoli

(Expert in several Predictive Sciences and well-known for true predictions)

Consultation by appointment only

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